2023 Waiting List

Orange County Housing Authority’s 2023 Waiting List is Closed

At this time OCHA’s waiting list is closed; therefore, no applications are being accepted. When the waiting list is open, OCHA will post notice on this site.

If you are in need of emergency services, please contact 2-1-1 Orange County at (888) 600-4357 or dial 211.



1. Q:    How do you determine if a mailed paper application was submitted on time?

 A:  Paper applications must be postmarked by United States Postal Service from September 18, 2023, and ending September 29, 2023.  An application      postmarked outside of these dates will be rejected.  You may retain proof of mailing such as using a Certificate of Mailing with the United States Postal Service.  Applications are to be mailed to P.O. Box 11387, Santa Ana CA 92711. OCHA staff will not sign for a mailed application. Do not use a mailing service that requires a signature or Certified Mail.


2.  Q: I received an e-mail that my application has been received. Does that mean I am on the waiting list?

 A:  No. A confirmation e-mail is sent when an application has been received and placed into the random selection pool. This does not guarantee a place on the waiting list, nor does it guarantee you will receive a voucher. E-mails will be sent to the e-mail address you provided on your online application if you are randomly selected as one of the 12,000 applicants that will be placed on OCHA’s waiting list. A letter will also be sent to all applicants, including those applicants who submitted a paper application.


3. Q: If I am not selected to be placed on OCHA’s waiting list, what happens next?

A: If you are not selected to be placed on OCHA’s waiting list, OCHA will send you a confirmation notice that you were not selected for the waiting list.  While OCHA will be unable to serve you from our waiting list, you may visit www.ochousing.org or call 2-1-1 for other affordable housing opportunities for which you may be eligible.  


4. Q: How long will it take until I receive rental assistance?

A:  Once the waiting list is closed, OCHA will need to verify applicant data and certify the waiting list.  The certification process may take several months.   Once the certification process has been completed, a notification letter and/or email will be sent to all applicants who were placed on the 2023 waiting list confirming their position number and approximate waiting time.


5.  Q:  When will I find out where I am at on the waiting list?

A:  You can expect to receive a letter and/or e-mail from OCHA once the list has been certified. The letter will confirm your position on the waiting list and provide you with an approximate wait time.  The certification process may take approximately three months.


6.  Q: How long do I have to wait before I am called in to complete the eligibility process and receive a voucher?

A: Several factors will determine how long the wait will be. Some of these factors include your preference category and your random placement within the preference category.  For example, U.S. Veterans will all be contacted earlier than a non-working family. 


7.  Q: If selected for the waiting list, do I automatically qualify for housing?

A:  No. If selected, you will be placed on the waiting list and will be contacted once your name reaches the top of the list for the eligibility process. This eligibility screening process will determine if you meet the basic eligibility requirements of the program.


8.  Q:  If there are changes the Head of Household, after application is submitted (i.e. become elderly/disabled) does that change placement on waiting list?

A:  The Head of Household is responsible to report any changes using the “Waiting List Change Form” available online at www.ochousing.org under the Documents and Forms link.  OCHA staff will determine if the change results in a change of preference.  If the reporting does result in a change of preference, the applicant will be placed at the bottom of the preference category they are now eligible for.  A letter will be sent to the applicant to confirm any change in status and position number, if applicable.

9.  Q:  I am going to move.  How will OCHA notify me of my status?

A: If you have changes in address or other circumstances, please submit a “Waiting List Change Form” to OCHA.  This will help ensure that OCHA can reach you. The form is available at www.ochousing.org under the “Documents and Forms” link or at the OCHA office. 


10.  Q:  What happens to the application if the Head of Household can no longer use the application or is no longer interested in maintaining the application while waiting for rental assistance?

A:  Please notify OCHA of this event. If there are any other adults listed on the application, they may be eligible to assume the application.


11.  Q: How do I find out where I am at on the waiting list, if selected?

A: You can check your status at any time by visiting www.waitlistcheck.com  You will need your social security number and 4-digit year of birth to log-in.