Housing & Community Development Commission (H&CD)

The purpose of the H&CD Commission is to work with the County to:

Provide advice to the Board of Commissioners of the Orange County Housing Authority as required by law and to Orange County Community Resources Department ("Department''). The advice to the Department shall pertain to the housing related needs of the low to moderately low-income families, including households experiencing homelessness, residing in the unincorporated targeted areas, and in County Cities, except Anaheim, Garden Grove, and Santa Ana, participating in the housing programs of the County.

Advise the Department on the funding priorities for rental assistance, housing development, and community development.


The Housing and Community Development Commission is made up of eleven (11) members: two members selected from current OCHA participants, two members selected by participating cities, five members appointed from each of the five Supervisorial Districts, and two members at large.


An Nguyen

1st District

Tracy La

2nd District

Mike Alvarez

3rd District

Carrie Buck

4th District

Stephanie Oddo

5th District

James Mai


Wayne Carvalho


Carla Wilkerson

Tenant Representative

Helen Smith-Gardner

Tenant Representative

Mike Frost

City Selection Representative

Cecilia Hupp - Chair

City Selection Representative

H&CD Commission meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. (except as noted). Meetings will be held at location as stated on the Agenda (please see Agenda for each meeting).

H&CD Commission Meetings

Imbedded in the agenda will be instructions on how to attend the H&CD Commission meeting. 

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2024 Meeting Schedule

January 25

July 25

February 22 August 22
March 28 September 26
April 25 October 24
May 23 November - DARK
June 27 December 5*

How to Get Involved

The public is invited to attend H&CD Commission meetings.  For information about meeting dates and times, please email ochcdcommission@occr.ocgov.com or call (714) 480-2920.  Members of the public may also apply to join the H&CD Commission as At-Large community members upon a vacancy.  When a vacancy occurs, information about the application process will be posted under the News section below.